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Your Go-To Shop for Fashionable Dog Apparel and Accessories.



Gear up for the pouring rain with Paikka raincoats and stay dry with the Hurtta Monsoon Coat.  Milder temperatures of Autumn are arriving! Check out the many brands we carry in raincoats for your four-legged friend.

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The Modern Dog of NJ was created to support and further, the notion that we are in the time and era of the modern-age dog.  Dogs are a big part of our lives. From the earliest of human civilization, wolves have slowly evolved into the modern dog.  They help us in all aspects of human life including search and rescue, helping the blind, sniffing out cancer, and assisting military and law enforcement.  Our company specializes in functional dog wear that serve a purpose.


It is the time and era of the dog!  We believe in the modern-age dog.  Twenty years ago, dog apparel just started to appear and today it is the norm to see dogs with clothing over their furry hair.  Dog hotels,  doggie daycares, and dog bakeries have sprung up all over the United States.


Just as humans have evolved over thousands of years, we hope to do the same with our canine friends.  Please don't hesitate to take a look around and paw at us if you need any help.  We are only a woof and tail wag away!

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Everything You Need to Know

At the Modern Dog of NJ, we are motivated to keep your dog's tail wagging and you happy with your purchase.  If for any reason you are not happy, we will not be happy.  If the product is defective or you just changed your mind and have buyers remorse, please return the product as it was shipped to you and we will replace it or reimburse you.  We like wagging tails and will do anything to keep your dogs tail wagging.

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