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About this product

The word is out, the Summit All-Terrain Harness by Rocky Mountain Dog is the best adventure dog harness in the Rockies, it's your everyday harness that is easy to put on over your dogs head and comfortable for them to wear. The harness features two clips on the front and back to attach your leash depending on the control you need. This no-pull walking harness for your dog will mean no more choking or pulling for those strong-willed dogs! The control handle will help give you even more control. We’ve also designed our harnesses to look great while still being durable and long lasting. Durable, looks great and no more choking or pulling!


Key Features:

Four points of adjustment allow for a customized fit and full range of motion

Reflective trim for night visibility

Front and back clips for walking or running

Front clip for extra control and

no-pull Mesh inside for comfortable fit

Control Handle

Summit All-Terrain Harness by Rocky Mountain Dog

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