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         The Modern Dog of NJ is all about dog appreciation and outfitting our canine friends with functional yet stylish dog wear.  We try to cater to every dogs' needs and provide them with the same creature comforts that their human counterparts are afforded. 

        In NJ there are four seasons.  During the winter it gets downright cold and we carry many coats of trendy styles.  During the summer, you can outfit your dog with the many life vests in our inventory.    Your dog will be happy and safe playing in the water.  During the Spring and Fall, shop our inventory for waterproof raincoats so your four-legged friends can stay dry while out on a walk.   

        We are a small online retailer, so we try to compete by offering superb old-fashioned customer service along with a 3 day guarantee of shipping to NJ residents.  Of course, we also deliver to the rest of the United States in addition to our four-legged friends world-wide.  Some exclusions apply.   


premium modern dog nj leash_edited.jpg

     The "Toby Collar" is constructed of thick reinforced webbing with a easy to put on buckle and forged aluminum loops that not only look fantastic, but also provide a strong and secure connection with any leash you decide to connect it with.  This Modern Dog Collar comes in three vibrant colors and three sizes that will fit any breed of dog whether your dog is a chihuahua or a great dane.   Made in Vietnam by a highly skilled workforce and designed by the Modern Dog of NJ in the United States of America.   Coming Soon!

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