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OUR PROBLEM: Do dogs get cold in winter? How to tell if your dog is cold? How to keep your dog warm?

OUR SOLUTION: Yes! Dogs get cold, and much more often than their owners even realize. Most dogs need our assistance making sure they stay comfortable and healthy in changing weather conditions. Dogs do tell us when they’re uncomfortable in their own way.

PAIKKA Visibility Winter Jacket combines all the best features in one dog jacket. It keeps your dog warm, dry and stylishly safe – even in freezing weather. And it’s great for your dog’s muscles too!

High quality Thinsulate insulation provides great warmth. This warm yet lightweight padding is made of 78% recycled materials. Not only a warm, but also a heartwarming material choice.

Special Far infrared (FIR) emitting lining supports your dog´s recovery from exercise and it may also help to prevent injuries by improving the blood flow and microcirculation. *

The jacket is made of 100% waterproof fabric and its seams are taped making sure your dog stays dry and comfortable. The smart reflective surface makes your dog visible in car headlights. The bright reflective effect ensures your best friend stays safe while looking stylish.


Lilac Winter Visibility Coat

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