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The uber-popular bugaboo dispensers are back in stock, redesigned with a sleeker look, improved zipper and in all black! 

The Bugaboo Poo Bag Dispenser is your friend on your walks and hikes, never be without a poo bag again when you're out in the bush! The dispenser holds one roll of poo bags so you'll never feel shame again when you need to do the pickup.

It clips onto your Rocky Mountain Dog leash and it has two velcro strips to prevent the annoying poo bag dangle, this one keeps it snug to your leash and doesn't jingle! Just pull and rip your poo bag and the dispenser will easily hold the next bag at your fingertips.

Why is the bugaboo poo bag dispenser the best dispenser to own?

  • It's not plastic and it doesn't jingle
  • The velcro won't break like other brands
  • It looks better! 
  • It has a clip and two velcro strips
  • It will last longer!


Rocky Mountain Dog Bugaboo Poop Bag Dispenser

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