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Great Visibility for Big Characters.

YOUR PROBLEM: Your dog has a big ego; it just comes in a small package – definitely not a problem per se! But the truth is that darkness and poor visibility are even more dangerous when you’re conquering the world lower than knee high.

OUR SOLUTION: PAIKKA Visibility Harness is designed for small dogs. It serves both as a harness and as a safety gear. The harness is made of allover reflective fabric that has a bright reflective effect when light hits the garment. Dress to impress, with this harness your dog is ready to stop the traffic. T-shirt harness is comfortable and easy to use. Walk tall and stay safe!

Key Features:

  • High reflective – ultimate safety in low light conditions!
  • Soft materials and comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable girth.
  • Side release buckle – quick to dress and take off.

Finding the perfect size

To determine PAIKKA harness size, measure your dog’s collar circumference at the base of the neck.

Girth strap has plenty of adjustment, so it’s the neck and overall fit that will determine the size. Girth strap should be placed behind the front legs so that there’s enough room for shoulder flexion and the strap will not rub the delicate armpit area.

Paikka Reflective Harness

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