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PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover

PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover turns any ordinary dog bed into a Recovery Bed. The Recovery Bed Cover is made of special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that captures dogs body heat and re-emits FIR energy back. FIR textiles are believed to boost recovery and to improve sleep. Recovery textiles have been utilized by human athletes and healthcare professionals as they’re known for their therapeutic effect. Now PAIKKA Recovery Bed Cover offers an easy access to this functional fabric. The Cover is easy to slip on any dog bed. Or if your dog has a favorite armchair or spot on the couch, you can conveniently place the cover over the seat cushion. It packs down small, so it’s also easy to carry with you when you travel. At your destination you can fold a duvet and cover it with your dogs own body boosting bed sheet.

Key Features:

  • FIR fabric - to support recovery and quality sleep.

  • Elastic band as on fitted sheets – easy to slip on any dog bed.

  • Fits most common sofa seat cushions.

  • Convenient also when traveling.

    Available colors: Grey
    Available sizes:
    S for bed/pillow size 60*40*20 and smaller M for bed/pillow size 80*60*40 and smaller

Paikka Recovery Bed Cover

  • Composition:
    55% cotton, 37% graphene, 8% elastane.

    Machine wash at 30 degrees, gentle cycle. No bleach, no chemical wash, no tumble dry. Do not iron.

    Designed in Helsinki, Finland. Responsibly made in China.

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