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The Extreme Overall is designed for very cold conditions and for dogs that become cold easily. The protective design insulates the dog’s large muscle groups, as well as the abdominal region, chest, and legs, which are sensitive to cold. The overall is also suitable for warm-ups between workouts. The Extreme Overall is the successor to the highly regarded Extreme Warmer jacket. The same technical materials have been used: a foil liner, which reflects body heat back towards the body and activates the blood circulation, as well as a high-quality, soft, water and wind-proof surface material. The high hood familiar from the Extreme Warmer, which protects the dog from wind and snow, is now included in the Extreme Overall. This overall is highly adjustable for dogs of various breeds and with different body types. Its unique, adjustable chest circumference maximizes its suitability for every dog and guarantees freedom of movement. The back-length adjuster has been inconspicuously placed on the inside of the overall. 3M reflectors on the front legs of the Extreme Overall and large reflective prints improve the dog’s safety in the dark. The overall has an opening for a leash. In the size 25S, the harness is integrated. 

Hurtta extreme overall, dog snowsuit

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