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» 50 Hour Re-Chargeable Battery  - Long lasting battery that is USB re-chargeable! USB Cable Included.

» High Visibility - Ultra Bright L.E.D. lights that make your dog visible up to a 1/4 mile.

» 6 Color Modes - Switch between our luminescent color options, including a rainbow mode.

» Super Adjustable - Built to fit any shape or size, with 5separate adjustable points!

» 3-M Reflective Material - The entire harness is lined with a reflective material to make your dog shine.

» Weather Resistant - Made to be resistant to storms & snow

» Top-Quality Design & Materials - Our L.E.D. Harness is pull-tested and will not hurt your dog when they pull hard. The harness will also not break from pulling.

PuppyLED Harness

59,00$ Precio
$41.30Precio de oferta

Celebrate Dog Dads!

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